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What does this mean to the average golfer? It means that Chuck can work with the student’s natural abilities to help produce the optimum performance. Too often, golfers come away from their lessons more confused and frustrated than they were before the instruction. This does not happen with Chuck in control. He does not overteach-he simplifies. He does not demand-he suggests changes. He gets results. His students all improve! Pay close attention to BALANCE: Your Key to Winning Golf, and you will improve, too.

Payne Stewart / PGA Tour Professional: Anyone who has ever picked up a club and attempted to strike a golf ball has an appreciation for the complexity of the activity. The relative importance of greater strength or stature seen in most athletic competition is replaced by the more critical need for timing and control. Nevertheless, mastering the mechanical aspects of the game is only the beginning of competitive golf. The highest level of play, like any art form, is a blending of the “science” of the game with the uniquely personal contribution of the golfer.

Being committed to the melding of the uniquely personal with the technical is the hallmark of a great golf coach. It is this quality that makes Chuck Cook one of the best coaches in professional golf today. Not content with simply forcing his players into one specific style. Chuck he takes each person as an individual with an eye for capitalizing on his or her strengths. This principle of his instruction is perhaps best illustrated by considering the three U.S. Open Champions with whom he has worked. Each of us employs a decidedly different swing. Rather than have us change and conform to some elusive ideal, Chuck recognizes the artistry in our individual techniques and works to develop it.

My association with Chuck has been both professional and personal. When you work with someone for as long as I have with Chuck, it is hard to distinguish between the lessons concerning golf and the more general lessons about life. Together we have shared a lot of golf and life. I would not trade the times we have shared on or off the golf course for anything in the world.

Keegan Bradley - PGA Tour Professional
Luke Donald - PGA Tour Professional
Jason Dufner - PGA Tour Professional
Joe Ogilvie - PGA Tour Professional
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